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Spring Umbrella | All Spring Crafts

Spring Umbrella

Total Time Needed: 2-3 Hours

Give your rainy-day umbrella a sunny new look with this reverse stenciling technique.


  • Umbrella
  • Newspaper
  • Artificial flowers
  • Spray-on fabric paint in colors that contrast with the umbrella (we used Tulip brand in pink, orange, and green, available at craft stores)
  • Paper towels


Spring Umbrella - Step 1

1. Set the open umbrella on a newspaper-covered work surface. Pull or cut apart the artificial flower petals and lay them on the topmost umbrella panel.

Spring Umbrella - Step 2

2. Hold the spray bottle at least 5 inches from the umbrella's surface and spray around the petal shapes. If the paint starts to come out in blobs, clean the spray nozzle with warm soap and water, then continue painting.

Spring Umbrella - Step 3

3. Remove the petals and blot them dry with paper towels. Rotate the umbrella and repeat step 2 on another panel. Continue this process until you've made your way around the whole umbrella, being careful not to smear the wet paint.

Spring Umbrella - Step 4

4. If you like, repeat steps 2 and 3 using the other colors (we used orange and pink paint and also gave a spritz of green). Be sure to let the paint dry thoroughly before taking your umbrella out in the rain.