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Snowball Pitch | All Family Winter Crafts

Snowball Pitch

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Tell kids to throw snowballs in the house? That's right - it's the aim of this cool target game.


  • Plastic container (ours is a 32-ounce bowl by GladWare)
  • Adhesive craft foam (in black and white)
  • Cotton balls


1. To make the igloo target: Cut a 2 1/2-inch hole in the bottom of the plastic container. Set the container bottom up and attach a black adhesive craft foam door.

2. Cut a 9- by 12-inch sheet of white adhesive craft foam into squares and attach them to the outside of the container.

Snowball Pitch - Step 3

3. To play: Set the igloo on the ground or on a tabletop. Standing a set distance away, see who can throw the most cotton balls into the hole.