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S'more Roll-Ups Recipe

S'more Roll-Ups Recipe

Turn gooey s'mores into a tidy treat with this campfire or cookout dessert. The sweet, kid-favorite flavors aren't lost in this translation - just the sticky fingers!


  • Chocolate chips
  • Miniature marshmallows
  • Flour tortillas
  • Aluminum foil


  1. For each one, spoon two tablespoons of chocolate chips and a dozen miniature marshmallows into the center of a flour tortilla.
  2. Roll up the tortilla, wrap it in foil, and set it on campfire coals for about 4 minutes or on a hot grill for about 8 minutes, flipping it halfway through. Use tongs to remove it from the heat.
  3. When the foil is cool enough to hold, fold it down on one end. Be sure the filling is cool enough to eat before serving.