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Sailing Ships | Kitchen Table Crafts

Sailing Ships

An empty drink container makes two of these hardy vessels. Use one to hold crayons at the kids' table for mealtime doodling and others to re-create the Mayflower crossing. Each child uses a drinking straw to blow into the sail and make her ship travel across the table. Hold a contest to see who can make her ship sail the farthest.


  • pint carton
  • glue stick
  • black or brown tissue paper scraps
  • gel pen
  • 6-inch drinking straw
  • tape
  • hole punch


  1. Make the hull: Cut a pint carton in half. Coat it with a glue stick, then attach black or brown tissue paper scraps. Write the ship's name with a gel pen.
  2. Make the mast: Cut a slit in one end of a 6-inch length of a drinking straw. Slide it over the hull's pointed end, tape it in place, and glue on tissue paper to cover the tape.
  3. Make the sail: With a hole punch, make a pair of holes in a 5- by 4-inch piece of paper. Slip the sail onto the straw.