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Roll a Napkin Rose | Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

Roll a Napkin Rose

Twist a paper napkin into a token of love for your valentine.


  • Square paper napkin


Roll a Napkin Rose - Step 1

1. Grasp the corner of a single-layered square paper napkin between your first two fingers, as shown. Unfold or cut the napkin if it has multiple layers.

Roll a Napkin Rose - Step 2

2. Wrap the whole napkin around your two fingers.

Roll a Napkin Rose - Step 3

3. Pinch the napkin just below your wrapped fingers, pull out your fingers, and start twisting the lower part of the napkin to make a stem.

Roll a Napkin Rose - Step 4

4. Stop twisting halfway down and fan out the bottom of the napkin.

Roll a Napkin Rose - Step 5

5. Pull the fanned-out section up toward the flower to make a leaf, pinch the napkin just below the leaf, and twist the rest.

Roll a Napkin Rose - Step 6

6. Twist the inside of the flower to tighten the spiral.

Roll a Napkin Rose - Step 7

7. Present your handmade rose to someone you love. Better yet, make it a bouquet.