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Rockin' Sushi Roll Craft

Rockin' Sushi Roll

Total Time Needed: 1-2 Hours

Serve up a slice of costume genius with this tasty look. The seaweed wrap is made from cardboard covered with black duct tape, the grains of rice are actually packing peanuts, and the filling is drawn on a cut-up paper plate. Add a soy sauce goodie bag, and you're ready to roll.


  • 3 large pieces of corrugated cardboard (see measurements below)
  • Yardstick
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Pushpin
  • White double-sided carpet tape
  • Black duct tape
  • 2 dinner-sized paper plates
  • Packing peanuts
  • Markers
  • Card stock or white paper
  • Red gift bag


sushi roll diagram

1. SUSHI ROLL: Use the craft knife to cut the cardboard as shown, with the corrugation running parallel to the rectangle's short side [A].

2. Make a half-inch fold along one short edge. Starting there, roll the rectangle into a compact log shape, then unroll it.

Rockin' Sushi Roll - Step 3

3. Tie one end of a 10-inch string to a pushpin inserted into the center of a cardboard piece; tie the other end to a pencil. Hold the string taut as you draw a 17 1/2-inch circle. Cut out the circle. Repeat for a second circle [B].

4. Apply strips of double-sided tape along the interior edges of the roll as shown. Make a drum-shaped cylinder by pressing the roll's taped edges around the circumference of each cardboard circle. Trim and seal the roll's seam with duct tape. Add more tape inside and outside the roll to reinforce it [C].

6. Have your child try on the costume. Fold the underarm tabs down and inside the costume and widen any other openings as needed. Have your child remove the costume.

Cover the outside of the cylinder with black duct tape.

Rockin' Sushi Roll - Step 7

7. FILLING: On the underside of a paper plate, draw 3 sections of sushi-roll filling (salmon, avocado, etc.), extending your drawings to the plate's edge for a three-dimensional look [D].

Cut them out. Repeat on the second plate to make filling for the roll's back side.

To attach the filling and "rice," apply closely spaced strips of double-sided tape all over the roll's circular ends. Press the filling pieces firmly into the center of each side, securing with extra tape if needed. Cover the remaining tape with packing peanuts.

SOY SAUCE: Draw and cut out a soy sauce label from white paper. Use double-sided tape to attach the label to the gift bag.