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Read It and Eat

Read It and Eat

Bring the incredible, edible alphabet to life for your little learner with these ABC-inspired foods that the two of you can talk -- or sing -- about before he gobbles them down.



  • Sandwiches of your choice
  • Alphabet cookie cutters


  • 1 cup alphabet pasta
  • 1 quart low-sodium broth


  • Raw vegetables such as peppers, celery, and carrots


1. Spellbinding Sandwiches (ages 2 years and up): We love alphabet cookie cutters, and we've turned ours to a purpose nobler than cookies: sandwiches. Even the pickiest eater can't resist his own initials scripted in PB&J.

2. Alphabet Soup (ages 2 years and up): In Susan Meddaugh's delectable "Martha Speaks," alphabet soup turns a mute mutt into an expert elocutionist. We can't vouch for the soup's magical powers, but we do know it's a toddler favorite. For a homemade soup with less sodium and more letters than store-bought varieties, boil one cup of alphabet pasta in a quart of your favorite low-sodium broth. After your tot has slurped up her name, challenge her to spoon out the rest of the letters in her bowl as you call them out.

Letter Crudites

3. Letter Crudites (ages 4 years and up): Your preschooler will have so much fun with these veggie letters, he'll want to know how to spell more. To make them, cut vegetables such as peppers, celery, and carrots into strips, then use them to spell his name and any other words he's learning to recognize.