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Rapunzel Hair Clip Organizer | Easy Crafts for Kids

Rapunzel Hair Clip Organizer

Disney's latest animated offering, "Tangled," is in theaters November 24. The film features feisty princess Rapunzel, whose incredible head of hair is so strong and super-long she can use it to disable an intruder or (of course) to escape from a tower. Your own princess can store her barrettes, bows, and clips on this Rapunzel organizer, which also has remarkable powers.


  • Yellow worsted-weight yarn
  • 4-inch embroidery hoop (available for about $1.50 at craft stores)
  • Ribbons


Rapunzel Hair Clip Organizer Craft Step 1

1. Measure and cut 42 (3-yard) strands of the yarn. Tie a short piece of yarn around the center of the strands to bundle them.

Rapunzel Hair Clip Organizer Craft Step 2

2. Lay the center of the bundle on the inner ring of a 4-inch embroidery hoop, spreading out the yarn so that it covers most of the ring (A).

Rapunzel Hair Clip Organizer Craft Step 3

3. Fit the loosened outer ring over the inner ring to secure the yarn (B), and tighten the hoop's screw.

4. Flip the hoop over and let the yarn cascade over the hoop, hiding it (C). Braid the entire length of the yarn. Tie ribbons around the yarn at the base of the hoop and the end of the braid. Hang the hoop from its tightening screw and add your hair accessories.