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Rapid Snow Slide | Nature Crafts

Rapid Snow Slide

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Create a downhill run for a snow tube thrill ride where, with each curve, the tube twists and the riders shriek with glee.


  • Shovel
  • Inner tubes


  1. Start with a good sledding hill, then shovel snow into banks to form the sides of your curvy run. Be sure the track is wide enough for a tube.
  2. Pack the slide with your feet or the back of a shovel and then get ready to ride. The more the track is used, the slicker the run will get.


For the best ride, use a sturdy rubber inner tube. You can rent one from a river-rafting company or buy them from an auto-parts store like Pep Boys (call 800-PEP-BOYS for a location near you, $10 to $12 per tube).