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Put-on-a-show Kit Craft

Put-on-a-show Kit

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Sure, lots of stores sell kits, but none of those are custom-assembled with the insider knowledge and special touches that only a parent would know to add.


  • Vintage-clothing-store finds such as fun boas and belts
  • Other items: Fake blood, sheriff's badge
  • Package of Jiffy Pop
  • Giant roll of tickets (about $4 at a party store)


Put-on-a-show Kit - Step 1

Pack all the props in a kid-size suitcase or other suitable container, such as a hat box. Added bonus: This kit is a perfect group gift.


CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE KIT: Fill a large, clear mixing bowl with all kinds of goodies for learning to bake--including a homemade certificate from Mom or Dad promising chocolate chip cookie baking lessons. FIRST TOOL KIT: Raid the hardware store for a beginner's collection of tools (hammer, nails, safety goggles, etc.), then pack them into a small toolbox or tool belt. Add some hunks of wood and a homemade card that lists safety rules, and let the construction begin. HOME OFFICE KIT: Use an inexpensive briefcase or plastic case to hold a calculator, Post-its, a notebook, pens, paper clips, and any other supplies your junior executive needs. Include a set of business cards (printed up at a copy shop or on your home computer), and we guarantee business will boom.