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Puppy Dog Cake Recipe

Puppy Dog Cake Recipe

Guests won't be able to keep their paws off this sweet canine cake.


  • 4 cups white frosting
  • 2 baked 9-inch round cakes
  • 2 baked cupcakes
  • Red Fruit by the Foot
  • 1 green Necco wafer
  • Junior Mints
  • Small mint patties
  • Black shoestring licorice
  • 2 blue M&M's
  • 2 gray Necco wafers


Puppy Dog Cake Step 1

1. Frost the cake rounds and the two cupcakes. Wrap the Fruit by the Foot around the top edge of the cake to make the dog's collar.

2. For the doggie tag, add a green Necco wafer. Place three Junior Mints on the edge of each cupcake paw, one on the top of the cake for the nose and the rest in a random pattern all around the cake. Fill out the spots with a few mint patties, outline the ears and jowls with the shoestring licorice, and add a fruit-leather tongue.

3. To make a pair of sweet puppy-dog eyes, use a dab of frosting to glue the M&M's to the gray Necco wafers.