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Personalized Sunglass Strap | Arts & Crafts

Personalized Sunglass Strap

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Who says you can't accessorize an accessory? Customize any pair of shades with a colorful strand of beads accented with letters to spell out a name or favorite team.


  • Tape or clear nail polish
  • 1 yard of 1mm satin cord
  • About 150 multicolored 4- by 7mm plastic pony beads, or other beads with large enough holes to fit over the cord
  • Color block letter beads -- again, with large enough holes
  • 2 larger decorative accent beads (optional)
  • Plastic eyeglass holders (available at bead stores, bead departments in craft stores, and some drugstores)
  • Scissors


Personalized Sunglass Strap - Step 1

1. To make it easy to string the beads, either wrap tape around one end of the cord or coat the end with nail polish (supervise younger kids) and let it dry. Knot the other end.

2. String about 21 inches of beads in the pattern you want.

Personalized Sunglass Strap - Step 3

3. Untie the end knot and remove the tape. Tie an eyeglass holder on each end (where the beads end) and knot to secure. To finish, either thread the remaining cord back through the first beads or trim the ends.