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Papier-Mache Veggies | Kitchen Table Crafts

Papier-Mache Veggies

Total Time Needed: Afternoon Or Evening

Perfect for a rainy day, this Papier-Mâché project is a fun way to celebrate all the great produce - peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, squash, and carrots - that will be planted this season and harvested in the next.


  • Newspaper
  • Masking tape or string
  • Bamboo kitchen skewers
  • Colored tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge (or similar clear sealant)
  • Paintbrush


Papier-Mâché Veggies - Step 1

Help your kids crumple up sheets of newspaper to resemble any vegetable shapes they like, and use masking tape or string to secure the forms. (They don't need to be perfect, just close enough to identify.) Cover any dark printed areas with tape too. Then fashion stems (if applicable) from additional pieces of tape and tape the stems, in turn, to the appropriate vegetables.

Papier-Mache Veggies step 2

Stick a bamboo skewer through the bottom of each newspaper veggie. Then cut several sheets of colored tissue paper into 3-inch squares. Holding each vegetable by its skewer, brush the entire vegetable first with Mod Podge and then add a single layer of tissue squares. Let the sealer dry. Repeat the process, adding more layers until you get the desired shade. Use the same method to cover the various stems with green or brown tissue paper.

Papier-Mache Veggies step 3

When the vegetables are complete, remove the skewers and arrange the veggies in a bowl for a vibrant centerpiece.