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Paper-Plate Polyhedron

Paper-Plate Polyhedron

Turn ordinary disposables into a supercool icosahedron (pronounced eye-cose-a-HEE-dron), a shape with 20 faces.

The skills it builds: thinking in three dimensions


  • 20 lightweight paper plates
  • Stapler


Paper-Plate Polyhedron - Step 1

1. Fold the plates into triangles as shown.

Paper-Plate Polyhedron - Step 2

2. Staple two plates together with three staples.

Paper-Plate Polyhedron - Step 3

3. Attach three more plates to make a pentagon, then repeat to make a second pentagon. Set both aside.

Paper-Plate Polyhedron - Step 4

4. Staple the 10 remaining plates together into a long chain.

Paper-Plate Polyhedron - Step 5

5. Staple the ends of the chain together to form a ring, then staple the two pentagons to the top and bottom of the ring.

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