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Paper Mobiles | Artful Paper Crafts for Kids

Paper Mobiles

Total Time Needed: 1-2 Hours

These eye-catching but simple-to-make mobiles are easy to customize - and always look great. Hang one in the corner of a room, or make several to fill a window.


Heavyweight paper, such as card stock or scrapbooking paper


Tacky glue

Ribbon or twine

Beads (optional)


Paper Mobiles - Step 1

1. For each paper ornament, cut 3 identical, symmetrical shapes from the card stock (cookie cutters make great templates). Fold each shape in half on the same axis.

2. Glue together the halves of 2 of the shapes and lay the ribbon or twine down the center of them.

3. Match the third shape to the other two and glue it in place. (Hold the pieces together with clothespins if they're not sticking.)

4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 to make as many ornaments as you like. You can string beads between the shapes if desired.


For a funky look, glue magazine pages, photos, or other fun images onto the heavy paper before you cut out the shapes. Just don't use construction paper - it's likely to fade.