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Painted Thank-You Mug | Great Teacher Gift Ideas

Painted Thank-You Mug

Total Time Needed: 1-2 Hours

With the stroke of a paint pen made for pottery (we used a Pebeo-brand Porcelaine 150 with a bullet tip), kids can turn an ordinary mug into a useful keepsake for their teacher. For an even more robust thank-you, include a gift card to a coffee shop.


  • Rubber band
  • Oven-safe ceramic mug
  • Towel
  • Ceramic paint pen
  • Damp cotton swab


  1. To make a guide for writing evenly, place a rubber band around the mug.
  2. Working on a folded towel to keep the mug from slipping, use the paint pen to write a message, moving the rubber band as needed. (Tip: Keep a damp cotton swab handy to wipe away mistakes before they dry.) When you're finished, bake the mug according to the instructions on the pen package.