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Melted Crayon Eggs

Melted Crayon Eggs

Total Time Needed: 30 Minutes or less

When the most humble of art supplies meets the shell of a just-boiled egg, the crayon wax softens, and the colors swirl together in a magical way. The results are fast, fun, and gorgeous.


  • white eggs
  • tongs
  • empty egg carton
  • crayons


1. Hard-boil white eggs. Remove them from the hot water with tongs or a slotted spoon, dry them, and rest them in an empty egg carton or on plastic bottle caps (an adult's job).

Melted Crayon Eggs

2. Color them with the crayons' tips or remove the paper coverings and use the crayons' sides. For a speckled effect, grate a crayon and sprinkle the bits over the eggs. The waxy eggs are very slippery, so take care when turning them to color the underside.

3. When you're done coloring, leave them to dry for about an hour.