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Marketing Strategies We Should Learn From Apple & Nike

Marketing Strategies We Should Learn From Apple & Nike

There may rarely be a socially-challenged soul that is not aware of Apple or Nike. And I don’t think you are one of them.

Fame didn’t come to them over-night. 

Mind-blowing strategies, consistent quality products, and customer satisfaction is what has made them win over competitors.

Let’s see how!


Apple Inc. was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. The company at present sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. 

Some of the wide known hardware include iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iPod, Apple Watch and Apple TV

Marketing Strategies


Nike Inc. is a leading manufacturer of footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories mainly related to sports and workout gear. 

It is the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight.

Marketing Strategies

(Yeah, I know the intro was not required! But you know, just in case!) 

1. Create Products For Your Target Market

Apple totally is devoted to its loyal customers and target market. Building quality products that make life better, easier and fun is one of its goals.

Constant innovation is needed to keep people to stick with your brand. Nike uses ground-breaking wearable tech to top up its sales. 

It is also launching a training app and fitness tracking watches for its fitness conscious users.

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2. Rethink The Need For Advertising 

Steve’s team knows that spending tons of dollars on traditional marketing or online marketing

Just convincing influencers that the services you provide are gainful and relevant to their audience will make them share your product information with their followers.

Nike has teamed with world-class athletes displaying their extraordinary skills

3. Less is More

The software settings of iOS are very instinctive that one need not learn to use the device. Without dedicated concentration, the human can get adapted to the features in no time. 

It is always user-friendly and no one ever bothers to read the instruction manual. Which gives new users immense ease to switch to Apple or keep using its products for a very long time! Very very long time!

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4. Never Engage In a Price War

They always stick to their prices despite being much higher than any of their competitors. 

Apple provides a class in its products having a great user experience and cool features. The customer realizes that the high price is reasonable for the exclusive features. Same goes with Nike.

5. Speak In The Audience Language

Creating deeper bonds by speaking with the users in their own language is an effective promotive plan. There is no need for jargon and technical terms. Study the behavior of buyers and interact with them through social media and other platforms relatively. 

When  Apple advertised the 80 gigabyte iPod, the biggest text in their ad said: “store 20,000 songs” - well that's pretty simple, isn’t it?

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6. Create an Experience

Nike rarely advertises its products. But impresses the customers through “emotional branding”. 

To overcome the undermotivation in your head saying “ I can’t do it” the international brand replies “Just do it!”. Each ad is crafted to inspire.

7. Build Mystery & Suspense

Create eagerness in the spectators about your upcoming amenities. Definitely turns people into rabid fans and they won’t even stop to think whether they need what the company is selling.

8. Use Visuals

It is true that pictures speak more than 1000 words. Apple even had ads with only 10 words as it focuses on images and videos that resonate on a deeper emotional level.

9. Social Impact

Consumers today want their purchases to have a positive impact on the environment and on society, and they don’t hesitate to reward brands that do. 

Nike engages in many community outreach initiatives both within the US, and globally.

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10. Connect With Customers on Social Media 

Nike engages constantly with the customers and replies to their tags on social media platforms and mentions in a very frank and informal manner. 

It builds strong relations with people and encourages them to repurchase from the brand. As an example, have a look at the below image:

Marketing Strategies We Should Learn From Apple & Nike