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Make Your Own Hat Station

Make Your Own Hat Station

The Lappins of San Francisco have let the holiday go to their heads: each year, they convene the Ancient Order of the Thanksgiving Turkey Hats. Todd and Nicole set up a table with some basic craft supplies, lay down a few ground rules (see the list below), and ask guests to design their own festive toppers. With participants ranging widely in age and craftiness, this tradition brings an element of wacky self-expression to the Lappins' gathering of family and friends.

The Lappins' Hat-Making Rules

The laws that govern the Ancient Order of the Thanksgiving Turkey Hats are as follows:

1. All guests must participate, and all are required to construct a seasonally themed hat using only construction paper, scissors, and a stapler. Hats must be worn for the duration of the evening and at the Thanksgiving table.

2. A turkey-hatted parade through the neighborhood is optional, but strongly encouraged.

3. Need a little inspiration? With their extra materials, our hats might be stretching the letter of the Lappins' laws, but they're still simple -- and oh-so-cute.


  • Jar lid
  • Pencil
  • Construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Black paper cup
  • Thumbtack
  • Toothpick
  • Round elastic cord


  1. Trace a jar lid on construction paper for the Pilgrim hat brim or turkey head. Use a glue stick to attach the circle to a black paper cup and to add construction paper details.
  2. With a thumbtack, make holes on opposite sides of the cup (an adult's job). Widen the holes with a toothpick, then thread a 20-inch length of round elastic cord through the holes and knot the ends.