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Heart Art | Kids' Painting Ideas

Heart Art

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Here's a fun project that will let your child hammer home just how much a dear friend or relative means to her.


Small piece of wood

Acrylic paint and brushes

Sandpaper, optional

Eight cut nails


Flexible wire (such as lead free solder wire)

Ball chain


Old magazines or newpaper



Heart Art - Step 1

1. Brush paint on front and sides of wood and let it dry thoroughly. If desired, sand the painted surface to create an antique look.

2. Draw a heart shape on the wood using a pencil. Then, hammer the nails halfway into the wood, spacing them evenly along the heart outline.

3. Wrap and twist lengths of wire and ball chain around the nails. You can also embellish the design with a wire arrow.

4. For a finishing touch, add a Valentine's message using letters cut from the magazines or newspaper.