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Halloween craft: Tiger and Zebra Costumes

Tiger and Zebra Costumes

Total Time Needed: 2-3 Hours

Go wild with duct tape to create these simple, comfy critter costumes.

Download a complete materials list and illustrated step-by-step directions.



  • Black duct tape
  • Parchment paper
  • Black sweatshirt (hooded for zebra) and pants
  • Stapler


  • Orange duct tape
  • Orange craft foam
  • Black permanent marker
  • Black headband


  • White duct tape
  • Black and white craft foam


1. The Stripes: To make cutting easier, stick a strip of duct tape to a piece of parchment paper. Then cut out the strip, tapering the ends (our tiger stripes measure about 16 inches long, the zebra stripes about 30 inches long; all were cut to fit as needed). Repeat, arranging the stripes on the sweatshirt and pants as you work.

2. When you have sufficient stripes and an arrangement you like, peel the stripes off the parchment backing and affix them to the fabric.

Tiger and Zebra Costumes - Step 3

3. The Ears: Cut out craft foam ear shapes as shown; you can use our template. For the zebra, affix inner ears cut from white duct tape. Pinch each ear so its bottom corners meet and staple it.

4. Attach the ears to the tiger's headband or the zebra's hood with black duct tape.

5. The Tail: Lay an 18-inch strip of duct tape sticky side up (use orange tape for the tiger, black tape for the zebra). Lay a second strip sticky side down atop the first strip, overlapping it by about half. Fold the sticky margins over as shown.

Tiger and Zebra Costumes - Step 6

6. For the tiger's tail, cut a curve in the tip and add stripes with the black marker. For the zebra's tail, fold a 6- by 8-inch strip of foam into thirds, cut fringe, and tape the tassel to the tail's end. Hold the tail to the pant's rear waistband, trim it as needed, then tape it to the waistband.

7. The Zebra's Mane: Cut fringe into the shorter side of 2- by 3-inch pieces of black and white craft foam (we used 8 pieces of each).

Tiger and Zebra Costumes - Step 8

8. Lay the fringed pieces down the center of the sweatshirt's back, then affix them by applying long strips of black duct tape along both sides. To curve the mane over the top of the hood, attach the fringed pieces individually, using shorter strips of tape.