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Halloween Costumes: Nurse Nightingale Costume

Nurse Nightingale Costume

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

What to do when your trick-or-treater can't decide what she wants to be and you're running out of time? Here's an answer that will suit you both: a nurse's uniform you can put together stat!


  • White skirt, top, sweater, tights, and shoes
  • Colored markers
  • 8 ½- by 11-inch sheet of white paper
  • Bobby pins
  • Small rectangle of white poster board
  • Large safety pin and tape
  • Play stethoscope
  • Clipboard and paper


Nurse Nightingale - Step 1

1. Have your child don a white skirt, shirt, sweater, tights, and shoes.

Nurse Nightingale - Step 2

2. For a nurse's hat, mark a colored line along 1 long edge of the white paper. Fold the paper as shown, then bobby-pin the hat to your child's hair.

3. Print a name tag with credentials (RN or LPN) on the poster board rectangle. Tape the safety pin to the back.

4. Finish the ensemble with the stethoscope and a clipboard displaying a simple jagged line drawn on a sheet of paper for a patient's chart.