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Halloween Costumes: Gargoyle Costume


Total Time Needed: 2-3 Hours

This costume has a fiendish charm to make even Medusa smile.


  • Gray sweatshirt and pants
  • Sheet of 1/4-inch-thick foam rubber (2x3 feet)
  • Paper plates
  • Paper fasteners
  • Two Styrofoam cones
  • Paper towels
  • Rubber gloves
  • Dust mask
  • Six toilet paper tubes
  • Egg carton
  • Half-gallon milk carton
  • Elastic string
  • Sheet of cardboard or Fome-Cor (25x48 inches)


Gargoyle Costume Step 1

1. To make the head: Cut two 16-inch squares of the 1/4-inch-thick foam rubber, draw on the head shape and cut out. Place the two pieces together, then staple along the top seam.

Gargoyle Costume Step 2

2. To make the ears: Trace around a paper plate onto the 1/2-inch-thick foam rubber and cut out. Fold, then cut the paper plate in half. Lay one half onto the foam circle, trace a line through the center, then cut the foam in half. Fold the top corner of each semicircle to about one-third of the way from the bottom and staple.

Gargoyle Costume Step 3

3. Lay the two ears inside the head, then staple in place. Staple closed the mask sides. Turn the head right-side out.

Gargoyle Costume Step 4

4. Draw on two horn holes, a beak hole, eyes and eyebrows. Cut out the eyes, then cut through the centers of the beak and horn holes.

Gargoyle Costume Step 5

5. Cut a hole in the center of the dust mask. Hold the mask inside the head, push it up through the beak hole and staple in place (this holds the foam away from your child's face).

Gargoyle Costume Step 6

6. For the beak, cut two 5 1/2-inch foam squares (1/2-inch thickness). Trim away the shaded areas.

Gargoyle Costume Step 7

7. Use paper fasteners to attach the smaller bottom piece and larger top piece over the dust mask. Push the cones up through the horn holes and tape. To make the eyebrows, trace around the outside of a roll of masking tape on a piece of 1/2-inch-thick foam, cut out the circle, then cut it in half. Attach each brow with paper fasteners.

Gargoyle Costume Step 8

8. For the hands: Wrap and tape paper towels around the thumb of a rubber glove, around the joined forefinger and middle finger, as well as around the joined pinky and ring finger. Slide a toilet paper tube over each finger and tape an egg carton cup on top.

Gargoyle Costume Step 9

9. For the feet: Cut out two 5- by 7-inch pieces of 1/2-inch-thick foam; draw and cut toes on both. Cut the angled top off of a half-gallon milk carton and then cut the resulting rectangle in half lengthwise. Tape a foam piece atop each half and glue an egg carton cup onto each toe. Staple pieces of elastic in place so the feet can be strapped over your child's shoes.

Gargoyle Costume Step 10

10. For the wings: Trace a wing shape around a paper plate, as shown, onto a 10 1/2 by 25-inch piece of cardboard or Fome-Cor and cut out. Repeat.

Gargoyle Costume Step 11

11. Lay both wings over a large square of cardboard; cut away the cardboard as shown, then glue onto the wings. Cut four slits in the cardboard and attach four elastic strings. Tie them around your child's shoulders, backpack style.