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Halloween Costumes: Clown Costume

Clown Costume

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

This classic joker costume is perfect for kids who love clowning around.


  • Colored face paints
  • Makeup brush and sponge
  • Nylon tulle
  • String
  • Curly wig


Clown - Step 1

1. With a damp sponge, apply white face paint to your child's entire face, including his eyebrows. Use a small makeup brush to paint his upper and lower eyelids white.

Clown - Step 2

2. Once the base coat dries (it usually takes just a few minutes), brush on facial features: a green diamond and blue star to accentuate his eyes, a round red nose and full red lips. Finish up with pointy red eyebrows about an inch above his real brows.

3. To make a clown collar, start with a 7- by 36-inch piece of nylon tulle (available at fabric stores). Thread string through the mesh along one long edge, gathering the collar as you go. Then tie the string ends into a bow behind your child's neck.

4. To complete the look, add a curly wig and baggy clothes (overalls or pajamas will do the trick) to the collar.