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Halloween Costume: Miss Mouse Costume

Miss Mouse Costume

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

From the tip of its big ears to the end of its gray tail, this costume will make your kid feel like the big cheese on Halloween.


  • 12- by 9-inch piece of pink felt
  • scissors
  • double-sided tape
  • a gray hooded sweatshirt
  • gray felt
  • tube sock
  • fiberfill
  • 16-gauge floral wire
  • gray sweatpants
  • 2 pairs of gray socks
  • white, gray, and pink face paint


1. Start by creating your mouse ears. Cut an ear shape out of gray felt. Cut an ear center out of pink felt.

Miss Mouse - Step 2

2. Cut a slit from the outer edge of each ear to the center. Overlap the sides and tape them to form a cone so the ears stand upright.

Miss Mouse - Step 3

3. Tape the ears onto a hood, headband, or hat with double-sided tape. Tape on the pink centers.

Miss Mouse - Step 4

4. Next, create the tail by stuffing a tube sock with fiberfill. Cut an 18-inch length of wire (we used 16-gauge floral wire). Loop back the end (to prevent the wire from poking through the tail) and insert the wire into the sock.

Miss Mouse - Step 5

5. Cut 2 small slits in the sock top and thread your child's belt through. Wrap the wire at the opening of the sock tightly around the belt. Have your child fasten the belt over his pants, but under his shirt, with the tail sticking out.

6. Next, make the mouse's belly. Cut a large oval out of the pink felt and affix it to the front of the gray sweatshirt with double-sided tape.

7. Then, have your child add her ears, put on the sweat suit and tail and slip the socks over her hands and feet.

8. Add pink cheeks, white whiskers, and a gray nose - and tell your mouse to watch out for black cats on Halloween!


If I had ears and a tail, I could also be a... black cat, a puppy dog, a panda bear, or a spotted cow.