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Got Dreidel? | Easy Crafts for Kids

Got Dreidel?

This Hanukkah, put a new spin on a Jewish game of luck by turning a clean, empty 8-ounce milk carton into a dreidel.


  • Empty 8-oz. milk carton
  • Craft knife
  • Unsharpened pencil
  • Blue masking tape
  • Nontoxic gold paint pen
  • 10-15 playing pieces per person, such as pennies or small candies
  • Small bowl


  1. Use a craft knife (parents only) to make a pencil-size hole in the bottom of the carton. Then push an unsharpened pencil through, letting it stick 1/2 inch or so out the open top. Next, cover the carton with blue masking tape, sealing the top and securing the pencil in place.
  2. With a nontoxic gold paint pen, mark each side of your dreidel with one of the Hebrew letters which represent the sentence "A great miracle happened there." You'll also need 10 to 15 playing pieces for each person and a small bowl.
  3. To begin, contestants each put 1 playing piece into the bowl. They then take turns spinning the dreidel like a top, their next move determined by the symbol facing up when it stops. Players drop out if they lose all of their pieces, and the last one left in the game is the winner.