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Goblin Feet

Goblin Feet

Your children can probably imagine what actual goblin feet would taste like. (Dirty socks stuffed with cheese? Moldy tapioca pudding?) Luckily, these cookies are infinitely more tasty.


  • Half package (7 ounces) green meltable candy wafers
  • peanut butter cookies, such as Nutter Butter brand
  • cashew halves


  1. Follow the instructions on the candy wafer package to melt the wafers in a wide bowl. For each goblin foot, hold the edge of a cookie and dip it in the melted candy.
  2. Place the cookie on a sheet of waxed paper and use a spoon to smooth the candy over the spot your fingers covered.
  3. Place three cashew halves on the cookie for claws. (The candy may need to cool a minute or two for it to be stiff enough to hold the nuts in place.) Let the cookies set at room temperature.