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Funbrella | All Spring Crafts


Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Brighten up rainy days - and gloomy moods - with wardrobes decorated in whimsical foam figures.


  • Foamtastic
  • Scissors
  • Paper fastener
  • Pushpin or a thin nail
  • Umbrella, boot, or coat


Funbrella step 1

1. Cut a sheet of Foamtastic into small shapes?a tulip, a raindrop, a frog, or anything else your child dreams up.

Funbrella step 2

2. Poke a paper fastener through the figure. Pierce the umbrella with a pushpin or a thin nail, making a hole just big enough for the fastener to fit through.

3. Attach the figure, poking the fastener ends through the hole you just made, and spread the ends to secure it.


To prevent leaking, add a little electrical tape on the back side and avoid decorating the top of the umbrella and the lower part of the boots.


Make a matching ensemble by decorating a raincoat and pair of rubber boots along with the umbrella.