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Easter Craft: The Nature Basket

The Nature Basket

Total Time Needed: Weekend Project

Perfect for nature-loving children, this sweet, grassy basket celebrates spring as well as Easter.


  • Shallow, handleless basket with a wide mouth
  • Clear vinyl saucer
  • Potting soil
  • Ryegrass seed
  • Water
  • Undyed hard-boiled eggs
  • Bunny cookies
  • Animal figurines
  • Chocolate eggs
  • Brown paper bag
  • Scissors
  • Rafia


  1. Fill a clear vinyl saucer with potting soil, sprinkle on a layer of ryegrass seed, cover with a very thin layer of soil, and spritz with water.
  2. Keep in a sunny window and spritz daily. It will take 10 days for the grass to reach a few inches high.
  3. Place the saucer into the basket.
  4. Top the grass with undyed hard-boiled eggs, bunny cookies, animal figurines, and chocolate bunnies.
  5. Create a tag for your basket by cutting out a leaf shape from a brown paper bag.
  6. Tie it on with a raffia bow.


Other good treats: seed packets, a pocket bird guide, or magnifying glass.