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Craft: Water Bottle Holder

Craft: Water Bottle Holder

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Hydrate in style with the help of this hands-free bottle holder that fits most any 16- to 20-ounce bottle. The less-is-more design is easy to duplicate and features a rubber O-ring that costs under a dollar at a hardware store.


  • Clear nail polish
  • 4 feet of cotton or polypropylene belt webbing (available at fabric stores) for the strap. Note: smaller kids may want shorter straps.
  • 1 rubber O-ring from the hardware store plumbing department (ours was 1 1/8 by 7/8 by 1/8 inches). Take a bottle to the store to test the fit before you buy.
  • 2 no-sew dungaree buttons (available at fabric stores)


Water Bottle Holder - Step 1

1. To prevent fraying, brush clear nail polish (supervise younger kids) onto both ends of the webbing and allow it to dry.

Water Bottle Holder - Step 2

2. Feed 2 to 3 inches of the webbing through the O-ring and secure with a dungaree button. (Push the tack through the webbing, place the button on the point, and press firmly together.)

Water Bottle Holder - Step 3

3. Repeat for the other end of the webbing. Be careful not to twist it before you attach the second button. Decorate the strap if you like. Slip the O-ring over the neck of the water bottle.