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Craft: Tie-Dyed Invitations

Craft: Tie-Dyed Invitations

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Once kids get these invitations in the mail, they'll be dyeing to come to your child's party.


  • Large white office labels
  • Different colored markers
  • Plain white cotton T-shirts
  • Large mailing envelopes
  • Index cards


  1. Write "Come to our Tie-dye Party!" with different-colored markers on a large white office label.
  2. Stick the label to the front of a plain white cotton T-shirt. Fold the shirt and slip it into a large mailing envelope.
  3. Write the time, location, and other party specifics on an index card and slip it in with the T-shirt.
  4. Include a reminder for guests to bring their shirt to the party and wear old clothes or bring a smock.