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Craft: Thumb Bunny Card (Handmade Card)

Craft: Thumb Bunny Card

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

As every parent knows, kids have a knack for leaving their fingerprints on everything. Now they can use this incredible skill to crank out a whole mess of adorable cards.


  • Paintbrush
  • White acrylic paint
  • Paper plate
  • Colored card stock
  • Black and pink markers


  1. Use the paintbrush to spread a thin layer of paint on the bottom of the paper plate -- this will be your ink pad.
  2. Have your kids dip their thumbs into the paint and print them on the card. Their thumbprint will be the bunny's head. For the ears, have them press down only half of their thumb to make a long, skinny shape.
  3. After the paint dries, they can decorate the face with markers, adding whiskers, eyes, and a nose.
  4. Use a black marker to write "Some bunny loves you!" on the front of the card.


Even a really young child can make the thumbprints. A parent or an older child can offer to help out with the features and writing.