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Clay Crafts: Tiny Cupcakes | School Crafts

Tiny Cupcakes

Total Time Needed: Weekend Project

Our step-by-step "recipe" will have you cooking in no time!


  • Various colors of polymer clay


Tiny Treats - Cupcake - Step 1

1. Roll a small ball of clay for the cupcake bottom.

Tiny Treats - Cupcake - Step 2

2. Flatten the top and bottom, then use a toothpick to carve pleats around the side.

Tiny Treats - Cupcake - Step 3

3. Roll a smaller ball of clay for the cupcake top.

Tiny Treats - Cupcake - Step 4

4. Flatten it into a thin mound.

Tiny Treats - Cupcake - Step 5

5. Press the cupcake top onto the pleated bottom.

Tiny Treats - Cupcake - Step 6

6. For toppings, roll a tiny red cherry, shape a mound of white whipped cream, and flatten another small ball for frosting. You can also roll tiny clay balls for sprinkles or flatten little white clay chunks to look like shredded coconut,

7. Add the toppings, then bake the cupcake according to the clay package directions. We displayed our cupcakes and other treats on small trays made from silver poster board.