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A Stacked Deck

A Stacked Deck

The sky's the limit with this whimsical sculpture-building activity. A few snips, and the cards lock together.


  • One or more deck of cards
  • Scissors


A Stacked Deck - Step 1

1. Start by doctoring about half of your cards, using the scissors to make 1/4-inch slits in the sides as shown. Since your architects may want to alter the depth or placement of the slits as they progress, we recommend snipping the second half of your deck only as needed.

2. Now you're ready to join the cards together by interlocking the notches to create towers, tunnels, bridges, and houses.

3. Should your kids run out of cards before they run out of imagination (quite likely!), you can add to your deck by tracing a caard shape onto poster board and cutting out the shapes.