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A Pet's Palace | All Animal Crafts

A Pet's Palace

Our pets lavish unconditional affection on us, so it's only fair that we should lavish some right back on them. Making a pal-pampering mini mansion is one way to do that - plus, it's a fun project for the whole family. To create a palatial pad, you don't need much more than some paint, a cardboard box roomy enough for your pet to stand and turn around in (ours measures 30 by 30 by 34 inches), and lots of puppy (or kitty!) love.


  • acrylic paint, brush, and small roller
  • large cardboard box
  • glue*
  • knobs
  • duct-tape
  • craft knife (adults only)
  • pencil
  • glitter glue and plastic jewels (optional)
  • takeout container lids, wrapping-paper tube (optional)
  • small box and vinyl or plastic liner for food station (optional)


A Pet's Palace - Step 1

1. Make the door. Flip up one of the short flaps on the top of the box. Pencil a fancy doorway on the side below the flap, with the curvy upper portion extending onto the flap. With a craft knife (adults only), cut away the door opening and excess flap pieces and save them for trim.

2. Paint the exterior. Cut the long flaps off the bottom of the box. With a brush, small roller, and acrylic paint, coat the doorway in white. Paint the rest of the box and one cutoff flap (to be used as the roof topper) in another color, such as a regal purple.

A Pet's Palace - Step 3

3. Form the roof. Angle the long flaps on top to make a roof. Bridge the gap between the flaps with the painted roof topper, scoring lines so that it can be folded into shape. Trim the remaining top flap (opposite the doorway) to match the roofline. Use duct tape on the roof's underside to secure everything.

A Pet's Palace - Step 4

4. Add royal trimmings. With strips of tape, hang fabric inside the front and back walls. Glue* knobs to the shutters and just inside the doorway (to hold the curtains back). Embellish the palace with painted trim, glitter glue, and plastic jewels.

Skylight. Takeout container lids, inserted in the roof and secured with tape, make good skylights (and observation windows). For a snug fit, trace the lids before cutting out the windows.

Treat Tube. For a treat-delivery system, insert a wrapping-paper tube in a hole in the roof and tape it in place.

Royal Banqueting Station. Top a box with vinyl or plastic shelf liner, trace rimmed bowls, then cut 1/4 inch inside the lines and set the bowls in place.

Windows. Draw and cut a window, then make shutters by halving the cutout shape. Attach the shutters with duct-tape hinges, applying strips on both the outside and inside of the window.


Glue dots are our top pick for attaching trim, plastic jewels, and knobs.They're