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A Kid's Castle | All Kids' Room Crafts

A Kid's Castle

Total Time Needed: Weekend Project

It takes a weekend, an assortment of medieval toys, and a flair for mixing and matching to create a bedroom fit for a king.


  • Paint
  • Bedsheets
  • Night-light
  • Iron candle ring
  • Tiered fabric lampshade
  • Paper roll dispenser
  • Fabric pocket hanger
  • Wrought-iron curtain rod


1. Sponge dark gray paint over light to give your castle walls a textured stone-block look.

2. The triangular turrets, drawn with a ruler, are painted in easy-to-match primary colors. Paint the dragons with the help of a children's step-by-step drawing book series. To save on paint, use just one can of each color and create lighter shades by mixing darker ones with white. The turret above the bed has a mock-clock night-light that's made by placing number stickers on a battery-operated dome night-light.

A Kid's Castle - Step 3

3. For the canopy at the head of the bed, cut strips from three inexpensive twin bedsheets (red, blue, and striped) and sew them together. Then attach fabric ties to the top edge and knot them around a hanging iron candle ring (with the candleholders removed). Inside the ring, hang a tiered fabric lampshade illuminated by a lightbulb on a cord. Use the remaining bedsheet strips to sew two long curtain banners featuring flags from different countries. Hang the banners from swinging curtain rods.

4. Pick a cloth lampshade that matches the medieval mood. Like the canopy light, it covers a lightbulb on a cord. If your child loves to draw, install a paper roll dispenser and screw to the wall right above a kid-size table.

A Kid's Castle - Step 5

5. Measure your child as a model for the knight, to guard his bookcase. Glitter paint gives the knight's helmet and sword a metallic look.

A Kid's Castle - Step 6

6. A row of pegs can hold and display the medieval gear, along with a fabric pocket hanger, suspended on a wrought-iron curtain rod.