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7 Reasons Why You Should Move From WordPress.com to WordPress.org

7 Reasons Why You Should Move From WordPress.com to WordPress.org

Many people have earlier started their site using wordpress and why not, it is the easiest way to get started as well. But now you might be wondering if you should keep using your wordpress.com or should move to wordpress.org for managing your site. The following 7 reasons will probably help you to decide whether to move from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. 

1. Themes

WordPress.com offers limited themes for you to choose and if your blog has reached to the level where you need compete with the others. These themes will probably not going to work. And if that is the case than, it might be the time to switch to wordpress.org. 

2. Plugins

If you are feeling to do something a little more like customizing your blog, you will likely to need plugins, whereas wordpress.com do not allow you to install your own plugin on your site.  

3. Monetization

You are limited with the ways to sell on the Wordpress.com site and to get the business plan it costs nearly $312 a year. Get your own setup with WordPress.org and you can add whatever wordpress ecommerce platform you like. 

4. Advertisements

If you have a free Wordpress site, then wordpress.com inserts adds ads on your site and you have no control over it. You also have limited ability to add your own revenue methods. You can upgrade to turn ads off, but if you are going to pay money to do that, why not have complete control over your site? 

5. Freedom to Move Scale and Grow

As your site grows you need to scale much. With wordpress.com they have a VIP program which is great for larger websites, but it’s also pretty expensive. With your own wordpress.org site, you have several hosting options to choose from.  

6. Customize the Code

If your site requires some special code to work, you want the freedom to be able to add that. With WordPress.com you can only customize the CSS or your themes, but not any of the PHP code. With your own site, your imagination is the only limit. 

7. Control

If you are looking at your site as a business, then you want to have complete control over it to sell or gather investors. Keeping it on someone else’s site reduces your options for building up your business.

I hope these 7 reasons has cleared you and has helped you to decide to migrate from wordpress.com to wordpress.org.