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7 Best Sites That Will Pay You For Testing Websites

10 Best Sites That Will Pay You For Testing Websites

Over the years products testing has been one of the most genuine ways to make money from home. There are many benefits of working from home including not having to commute working on your schedule and so much more.

There are a variety of ways to make money from home with one of them being testing the products. Some companies will send you sample products while others will send full-sized ones which will test every month and then pay you for giving them your thoughts on the products. 

Here are 10 best sites that will pay you for testing websites.


UserTesting is a website that hires regular internet users to test websites and record their experiences. User testing base $10 dollar and pay you via PayPal for every 20-minute video you complete to visit websites or apps.


EnrollApp is a company that fits into a bit of a cliché phrase making the web a better place for every. Enroll app was created to help developers to see what users expect from a website in certain niches. 

Enroll app pays a certain amount of money for every test you perform on their websites. You can launch a demo testing and get paid via PayPal. Once your balance reaches just $1.


TestingTime is open to global residents that hire and pay individuals to test digital products via Skype. You can earn up to 50 Euro per study. 

Each study is conducted via Skype and usually takes 30 to 90 minutes of time. Once the study is completed you will get paid within 5 to 10 days via PayPal account.


TestBirds is a company that pays you to test software like websites, apps, games, etc. before they are released. On average you are paid around 10 euros for every hour that you are testing as well as around 1 to 5 Euros for each bug you find while testing.


TryMyUI keeps it simple, you will get paid for testing websites or apps. You can earn $10 dollars for 15 to 20 minutes of your time and payments are made by weekly via your PayPal account. To become a part of the Try My UI team sign up for an account.


Userfeel is a test website that allows you to talk about your thoughts on various websites. You can get paid $10 dollars for the task on websites. To become a website tester register for an account and take a sample test. 

Once your sample is approved and you will start getting assignments by your registered email id. Good testers can earn $100 dollar $200 dollars per week and payments are made via PayPal at end of each week.


UserZoom is a company that conducts websites usability tests for desktop and mobile platforms. Tests pay an average of $5 to $10 dollars depending on the complexity of the study. 

Most of the test takes between 10 to 20 minutes to complete and payments are made via PayPal within 10 to 14 business days after the completion of the study.