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5 Golden Tricks to Solve Multiple Choice Questions

Have you ever got stuck on multiple-choice questions in a test where you were not certain about the answer? Or you had to guess the last few questions due to the shortage of time? When faced with such situations, the best you can do is follow these golden tricks that will let you help in tackling the stuck mind. 

Here are amazing 5 golden tricks to solve multiple questions and indeed these are the most important tricks for solving MCQ test and taking these strategies will definitely help you. 

Managing the Time

You have 120 minutes for 100 MCQs. Then this preliminary plan will helps you the most, suppose you have done marking the MCQ’s, say you have marked 75 MCQ’s. Now you are running out of time. 

And in my point of view, this is the most disgusting situation for a student because most top students, despite of their preparation can’t attempt the whole MCQ test. But meanwhile, there are some students that have marked 100 out of 100 MCQ’s in the same test. 

How they can attempt all the questions? Because preliminary plan and management of time stand by them. So here is the formula for this strategy that is management of time,

Time for 1 MCQ = Your total number of minutes                  

                                Your total number of MCQ’s

So, as a conclusion for this strategy, you must be prepare and should manage the time according to your number of MCQs and number of minutes according to the formula. 

Logic and Concept Building

Logic and concept building is one of the most powerful test taking strategy. In this test taking strategy and always read first the question carefully and make the logic and picture of that question’s statement in your mind. 

Because mostly there is a word that is negating the sentence statement, but, as due to shortage of time, mostly students mark incorrect MCQ’s option without considering exception of that question’s statement. For instance, consider a question statement. 

Now this exception can make this MCQ really very easy to attempt, because now you have to only mark that option that is not true, so what you have to do now? You have to check all the options one by one and match that option with question’s logic or picture that you made in your mind. 

So I’m again saying that always read the question statement carefully and make the picture in your mind to help you sort out that MCQ.

Elimination Method

Elimination Method is one of the most fundamental and actually the basic test taking strategy top students follow. And this can be the most powerful marks gaining scheme because in Elimination Method, you have to perform elimination of MCQ options that, in your opinion, are not going to be correct. 

So one by one check all MCQ option and start marking cross, that are not going to be correct. And then check the remaining options. And make a choice between them that you are left with. For instance, you have a question statement.

Say for example you have question as

Which is the capital of United States of America?

a.     London       b. Delhi       c. Brasilia   d. Washington D.C

So what you have to do is just eliminate which is not correct like option a. London, London is the capital of UK so eliminate it, option b Delhi is the capital of India so eliminate this too and c is Brasilia which is also not correct as it is the capital of Brazil and finally we have the forth option and that is Washington D.C and which is the correct answer. 

If suppose you are left with option A and B. Now educated guess will works for you. Now what is educated guess? That is a trick, keep on reading by sequence of MCQ’s tricks. Sequence of MCQ’s’ answers has really very great importance in a MCQ test. And according to an analysis, on an average, 80%!! YES 80% of MCQ’s in a test are not random. 

At the first glance, the answers seems to be randomly distributed. But they aren’t and because test takers or test makers are also humans, they can’t randomize the MCQ’s options at much extent. And at some extent, there is also a chance, that they can make the test in a way that is easy for them, after all they have to check that test too.

If it is a test of 100 to 125 MCQ’s, then that analysis is going to be possibly works. Let’s take an example. Suppose you have 15 MCQ’s test, and each MCQ has 4 options. a, b, c, and d. Now start marking MCQ that you know that are correct!!

And suppose you got stuck on some questions. Like you have attempt 12 MCQ’s, in the order and you don’t know how to attempt these 3 MCQs Numbered 6, 9 and 14.So let’s analyse the sequence, here the sequence for first 5 MCQ’s is a c d b band we are not sure about the MCQ number 6. But we have marked MCQ number 7, that is again a and then again starting the same sequence from MCQ number 7 that is same as from MCQ number 1.

And hence we can attempt the MCQ number 9, that is due to same sequence as from MCQ #1that is a c and then d from left, this is the sequence, so for the MCQ number 9, the answer will be d. and what for MCQ number 6? As you can see the sequence for next to the MCQ number 9 is b and then d. So see that sequence of MCQ’s from MCQ number 4, this is same as from MCQ number 10. So answer for MCQ number 6 will be d. and for MCQ number 14, it will be c, as you can see the sequence from 1.Check it out for any test. 

You’ll find it to be true on most occasions. But again it won’t be going to must correct. But the next trick can help you, if you got stuck.

Smart guess

There is nothing better than knowing your stuff and picking the right answer straightaway without resorting to guesswork. However, despite the best preparation, you’ll be stumped by few questions. In such cases, make a smart guess.

5 Golden Tricks to Solve Multiple Choice Questions

Educated guess

That is one of the obvious multiple-choice test-taking strategy top students follow. If you got stuck at the MCQ, that has same meanings in two or more options, then the smart guess is going to work for you. 

So how we have to do that? First of all, check all the answers and secondly match with the question statement, this will really help you!!Let’s take an example, you have a question, Catching the earlier train will give us the ...... to do some shopping. Chance B. luck C. possibility D. occasion now you have to check each question’s option and then match that option with question statements. 

Here, firstly we have to read question statement carefully, i.e. catching the earlier train will give us the chance? Will give us the luck? Will give us the possibility? Will give us the occasion? So here I have matched every option and its answer seems to be more likely the option A. and moreover chance can be the only thing that can be given, and hence the option A is more suitable. 

So this is how you have to perform the smart guess. After all your smartness will also be going to require in a Smart guess!!This was the video for handling and tackling up the MCQ’s. 

If you have any related questions, suggestions or any recommendations, simply comment below.