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5 Best Tips To Write Great Product Description

5 Best Tips To Write Great Product Description

If you make an online store, having a good product description is a very important factor to increase sales. They help customers understand exactly what you’re selling, calm concerns they may have, and even turn browsers into buyers. 

They’re also good for Google since fresh, keyword-rich content improves SEO. So how can you write killer product descriptions? So, here’s what you need to know and I have these 5 Tips to Write Great Product Description.

Start by putting yourself in the customer’s shoes 

Use words they would search for. 

For example, a product might be a “bespoke dress shirt,” but your customer is more likely to search for “custom shirt” or “button down shirt”. It will help both readers and search engines to use lingo they’re familiar with.

Consider the customer

When it comes to the tone and voice you use. Use words that will appeal to all of their senses, conjuring up texture or even smell, taste, and touch whenever you can. With words alone, you want to create a complete shopping experience.

Highlight the needs 

Highlight the needs the product meets or the problems it can solve. Focusing on the benefits can have a higher likelihood of convincing them to buy. Are the shirts you sell super soft and made from organic cotton? What is the big draw that sets you apart?

Add in as many details as you can

What sizes do you offer? What colors? Do your shirts tend to run small? Be as specific as possible. If you tell customers, “We have great service” it doesn’t explain anything. Write that you have free shipping and a 30-days return policy, and they’ll know what you mean.


Remember that accuracy is key. Customers are satisfied when they receive just what they had in mind-and those happy customers are much more likely to return to your site in the future. 

To make descriptions easy to read, use bullet points and lists rather than long paragraphs. Put important words in bold and include lots of white space. This improves the readability of your site and can be a big help to shoppers.

Production description should not be exactly the same

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Always remember, Search engines sometimes penalize websites with duplicate content, so make sure that every single product description is unique. 

Speaking of Google, you also want to include keywords in your descriptions to help search engines understand what your site is about. This will improve the chances that your products will come up in search when customers look for them.

If you want your website to rank for the keyword, always include phrase frequently in your descriptions, without making it sound forced.


Finally, before you finish up each description, go through the 5 W’s - who, what, where, when, why and of course, how. 

Have you answered all of the questions your customers might have? 

Have you given them all the information they need to know before they buy? 

If so, you should be in good shape.