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10 Ways To Make Your Customer Return To Your Business

10 Ways To Make Your Customer Return To Your Business

If you are a business owner then you might have not left even a single corner to drive customers to your business. But, keeping your customer stick and return to your business in future is even harder because of fast-changing and huge competitions that you have to face in your business.

To keep your existing customer to return back to you is a challenging task in today’s competitive market. So, here are 10 best tips that will help you to keep your customers stick and return back to your business.

Focus on customer satisfaction

I would like to focus first on a customer satisfaction because it is first and foremost key to driving your customer back. Without a customer satisfaction, your business is almost useless.

Customer satisfaction depends on a product’s performance and delivering value relative to your customer’s expectations. If your product or services that you provide fall to perform as your customer expectations.

The customer is dissatisfied if performance matches expectations then your customer is satisfied. Customer satisfaction is tied directly to a profitable business.

If your customers are happy they tend to be loyal and if they are loyal they not only stick to your business for themselves but they also refer other customers.

Well establish research by Bain & Company found that for many companies, an increase of 5% in customer retention can be increased profit by 25% to 95%.

The same study found that it costs 6 to 7 times more to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one. So, customer satisfaction should be the aim of any business owners.

Offer free trials to your new customers

Offering free trials of your products or services are a great way to market because it attracts the new customers and makes them experience what your products or service can really help them before implementing or actually buying.

Customer Return To Your Business

By offering free trials you can actually turn them into a customer by showing them the value about your products and services can bring and also make your customers get clear idea that your products or services are truly exemplary.

Try this free trials service option and 90% chances are there that you will convert them into your loyal customer.

Pay attention to your customer

It is well said that being a good listener is better than being talkative. When you listen to your customer, you understand what they want or what they expect from your business in future or what you need to improve or even any complaints regarding your products and services that you provide to your customer. 

Return To Your Business

Try to listen to your customer and solve or answer their queries. This will make your customer feel that their views and opinions are valued by your business and that will make them happy and stick to your business often.

Make your business easy for your customers

Quick response to your customer’s needs and queries will make them feel their importance in your business. You should build up your habit to check your emails regularly and try to respond within few hours or what you have promised.

Always keep your customers informed regarding any process or products or any upgrades that have been made or will be implemented to your business.

This will improve their operations and your customers will also not be surprised when they come back to your business.

Admit your mistake

Who does not make mistakes, everyone in this world makes mistakes and if you have made mistake while providing serving to your clients.

Then admit your mistake and apologize for it. When you make mistakes try to immediately respond with a humble apology and assuring to fix the problem.

And if you have done something serious then try to give something so to make it right or make it balance like reducing some of the fees or giving some additional service or products to your customer for free.

This will make them feel better and will alert your client, about your honesty and concerns for your customers in your business.

Inform your customers when you implement their suggestions

Show your customer that you really value and appreciate their comments and suggestions and inform them accordingly, when you implement their suggestions and feedbacks.

Return To Your Business

Never leave your customer surprised or wondered when they visit your site again. But you should also keep in mind that customer’s service really matters but you have to make sure that you do not make huge changes that makes your other customer annoyed.

Because every customer has unique view and opinions. So, try to observe and decide the suggestions and feedback on which you need to implement.

Know that the customer is always right

A customer is always right. This is the rude principal ever for every business owner. But, if you want to make your business grow, you have to always admit that your customers are always right.

In order to smooth function your business you must organize these principals into these:

Always give your clear motive about your business and constantly keep in touch with them to go long way.  

Follow up your customer effective on some special occasions by writing or remembering them and it is a best practice if you sent handwritten notes to thank or follow up your customers.

Always define how you deal with your unsatisfied customers and what are the actions or steps that you take in order to ensure your customer’s satisfaction.

Learn how to survey your customers

There is an old saying “You cannot manage what you do not measure”.

Customer’s survey is something and is one of the golden opportunity to validate your efforts or find areas to improve your business.

Customers’ feedback and taking survey has always been the best way to find out how your customers are thinking and feeling about your products and services that you have provided to them.

Return To Your Business

Surveys can give you a lot of data that you can use them to improve virtually on any part of your business organization.

Asking the right questions on the survey.

Asking the right question should be easy and directly understandable. The right questions are not about collecting as much as information as possible. But,

It is about collecting the right information. Information that you can use to improve your products and services.

Communication with your customer

You should always keep engages with your customer, through all communication channels like from print media to mobile or any communications medium.

This allows your customers to create and use interactive, dynamic communication and helps to improve your business process. This lets you speed up your time to market, execute your marketing strategy better and create a competitive advantage.

Through communication with your clients or customers, you can adapt faster to the trends and this helps in improving your customer’s relationships.

Thank your customers

Do not ever to thank your customer. It can be face to face, over the phone or via a written thank-you notes. Customers like to feel appreciated.

You might have noticed a front desk clerk in a hotel or a cashier at a restaurant or retail store simply bring up a transaction and not saying thanks for the business.

It might the part of the problem or the function of training or hire the right person with the right attitude. But how hard is it to train a trained person to say thank you for some type of business interaction.

And it also becomes more sensitive if you have a bigger business transaction. The more important is to say thanks and even more impressive ways.

When you make a transaction or do any business and if they say thank you. You will probably get impressed and you will feel to go back to do another transaction or business.

You can thank your customers by many ways like sending cards or offering your customer gifts or some coupons or giving them free holiday trips on their anniversary.

This shows that you really appreciate your customers and it keeps your name in front of your customer. Your clients and customers expect to be appreciated.

However, taking it a step further not only shows appreciation but also adds to the customer and client loyalty strategy by constantly reminding your customers that were thinking of them.

As a result and in return your customers will be thinking of you and your business.

I hope you really enjoyed reading these 10 tips and if you implement these tips you are sure to keep your customer return to your business.