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Valentine's Day Craft: Magic Message Card

Magic Message Card

Total Time Needed: 1-2 Hours

This very cool card from the Ensz family of Dallas, Oregon, uses moving panels to mysteriously replace one part of your message with the other. But don't be fooled by the craft's complicated look: its construction is surprisingly simple.


  • Scissors
  • Construction paper or card stock in 2 colors
  • Tape or tacky glue
  • Marker


1 Cut an 8-inch square from one color of paper, then cut two 2- by 8-inch strips and two 1 3/4-inch hearts from the other color. Or use our template.

Magic Message Card - Step 2

2. Fold the 8-inch square in fourths, accordion style, then make 3 evenly spaced cuts along the center fold.

Magic Message Card - Step 3

3. Unfold the square and weave the two strips through the cuts as shown.

4. Tape or glue the hearts to the sides of the card for tabs and write "Pull" on each. (If you're using glue, allow it to dry.)


Magic Message Card - Step 5

5. Refold the card, then open it like a book at the center. Write the first part of your message across the card.

Magic Message Card - Step 6

6. Pull the tabs to open the card completely and write the second half of your message.

Magic Message Card - Step 7

7. Refold the card so only the first part of the message shows before presenting it.

Suggested messages:

Be my ... valentine!

Happy ... Valentine's Day

Valentine ... you make me flip!