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Valentine Craft: Lovely Ribbon Bracelets

Lovely Ribbon Bracelets

Total Time Needed: 30 Minutes or less

This twist on the classic friendship bracelet takes only a few minutes to put together.


  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Self-adhesive Velcro (buy precut circles or squares or long strips to cut yourself)
  • Tacky glue (optional)
  • White office label
  • Pen or marker


1. For each bracelet, measure and cut a length of ribbon long enough to go around a child's wrist plus enough extra to fold under the ends.

Lovely Ribbon Bracelets - Step 2

2. Fold down one end of the ribbon and adhere one half of a Velcro piece as shown, then flip over the ribbon, fold down the end, and attach the other half of the Velcro. Add a drop of glue under each piece of Velcro if needed (depends on the ribbon and Velcro used).

Lovely Ribbon Bracelets - Step 3

3. Cut the label to fit (if necessary), write a message on it, then stick it to the inside of the bracelet.