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Toddler Art Project - Found Object Collage

Found Object Collage

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Almost like a first scrapbook page, this collage project is a great way to create a simple but appealing keepsake from a collection of everyday things - whether they're found during a walk in the woods or on a hunt around the house. It's also a nice introduction to gluing, since a toddler's typical more-is-more approach works just fine here.


  • Nontoxic white glue
  • Clean Styrofoam meat tray (if you ask nicely, the butcher may give you a couple of new ones), a washed frozen meal tray, or a sturdy shoe box lid
  • Found objects, such as leaves, pine-cones, packing peanuts, dry pasta, scraps of tissue or wrapping paper, or Popsicle sticks


Found-Object Collage   - Step 1

1. To make a collage, give your child a squeeze bottle of white glue and let her glue objects in layers on the tray. Be sure to let the collage dry flat before hanging.