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Thanksgiving Craft: Indian Corn Napkin Rings

Indian Corn Napkin Rings

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Historians say the Pilgrims might not have survived their first winter after settling in North America if local Indian tribes had not taught them to grow corn. That's why we think these corny napkin rings make a fitting addition to your holiday table. The colorful kernels are stamped with a pencil eraser - a technique even young kids can easily master.


  • Craft knife and ruler
  • Cardboard tissue tubes
  • Red, yellow, and blue acrylic or tempera paints
  • Paper or plastic plate
  • New pencil with an eraser top
  • Newspaper


  1. Using a craft knife, cut the tissue tubes into 2 1/2-inch sections (a parent's job). You'll need 1 for each napkin ring. Trim the edges smooth with scissors.
  2. Next, pour small amounts of the 3 paint colors onto a paper or plastic plate. Now show your child how to dip the pencil eraser into some paint and practice stamping corn kernel shapes onto newspaper.
  3. Once he's mastered the printing technique, have your child hold the bottom of a tube section and print rows of kernels all around the top half, mixing the colors. Then have him set the tube on end to dry while he prints the tops of the other tubes in the same manner. After the paint dries, he can pick up each napkin ring and print kernels on the unpainted half.