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Printed-Palm Tree | Kids' Painting Ideas

Printed-Palm Tree

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Ages: 3 years and up

Help your tot commemorate autumn with this change-of-season collage, which uses fallen leaves to decorate a lovely handprint tree.


  • Brown and red tempera paint
  • Paper
  • White glue
  • Torn-up leaves and blades of grass


  1. To make one, have your child paint his palm and wrist with brown tempera, then press them on a piece of paper to make a print. (Tip: For easier cleanup, add one tablespoon of dish soap for each L cup of paint.) While the tree is drying, he can add red fingerprint apples.
  2. Printed-Palm Tree - Step 2Have him squeeze white glue over the branches and under the tree, then sprinkle on torn-up leaves and blades of grass gathered from a woodsy walk or backyard ramble. Allow the collage to dry completely before hanging.