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Pocket Curtains | Easy Crafts for Kids

Pocket Curtains

Total Time Needed: 1-2 Hours

Here's a quick way to jazz up a window and provide your child with a handy place to tuck away action figures or other lightweight toys. Yes, there is sewing involved, but it's all straight seams.


  • Solid-color cotton curtains
  • 6 colorful bandannas
  • 6 cloth napkins
  • Straight pins
  • Fringe trim (optional)


  1. First, transform each bandanna into a pocket by folding it in half diagonally so that it resembles a triangle with one corner facing directly down. Then fold under both sides and press all the edges.
  2. With the cloth napkins, create rectangular pockets by folding them in half once, then again, and pressing all the edges.
  3. Now lay the curtains flat on a smooth working surface and pin on the bandannas and napkins, arranging them in staggered vertical rows.
  4. Machine-stitch the sides and bottoms of each pocket to the curtain, removing the pins as you go.
  5. Finally, stitch fringe trim to the pocket bottoms, if desired.