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Pippi Costume | All Homemade Halloween Costumes

Pippi Costume

Total Time Needed: 1-2 Hours

Spend Halloween as your favorite character.


  • Materials for our basic wig, including 2 skeins curly yarn (ours is Lion Brand's Homespun)
  • 2 (18-inch-long) pieces 18-gauge, cloth-covered floral wire
  • Thin, fabric-covered headband
  • Duct tape
  • Pliers
  • Shoelace or ribbon
  • Fabric patches
  • Double-sided tape
  • Striped stockings
  • Mismatched shoelaces
  • Old, oversize boots
  • Lip-liner or eyeliner


1. Wig: See the basic wig instructions.

Pipp Longstocking Costume Step 1

2. Pippi's braids stick up with the assistance of an armature made of two 18-inch-long pieces of 18-gauge, cloth-covered floral wire and a thin, fabric-covered headband. Bend the wire 5 inches from one end, and hook it onto the headband an inch from the end. Wrap the wire tightly around the band twice, then twist the remaining wire tail around the rest of the wire (A). The wire shouldn't wiggle; if necessary, use pliers to twist it tighter. With duct tape, secure the junction of the wire and the headband and cover the twisted wire ends. Repeat with the second wire on the other end of the band.

Pipp Longstocking Costume Step 2

3. Slide the headband inside the hose cap and poke the wire ends through the side of the cap, just in front of the seams and 1 inch from the bottom. Use pliers to bend back the last 1/2 inch of the wire (B).

4. Use two skeins of curly yarn to make a wig about 40 inches long. For Pippi's bangs, make one extra-thick bundle by winding yarn 36 times around something that's 14 inches wide. Bind this bundle onto the cap first, 1/2 inch from the cap's edge.

5. Continue to add bundles at 1/4-inch intervals. As you begin to bind a bundle at the center top of the cap, pass the needle under the headband to secure it to the cap. Pull the yarn snug before tying it.

Pipp Longstocking Costume Step 3

6. Divide the wig's yarn hair in the middle, then divide each half into three sections. Loosely wind the front section of each half around the wire, tying it off at the end with an additional yarn piece (C).

7. Begin braiding the hair by bringing the rear bundle over the middle bundle. Try to keep the wired bundle fairly straight as you braid. Tie the finished braid tightly with a length of yarn. If you have any bare patches on the cap, add another small bundle of yarn, trim the ends, and tuck them into the braid. Finish the look by tying a shoelace or ribbon around each braid's end.

8. For the outfit, attach frayed fabric patches to a jumper with doubled-sided tape. Round out the look with striped stockings, mismatched shoelaces in old, big boots, and freckles drawn with lip-liner or eyeliner.