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Make a Pop Up Puppet | Easy Crafts for Kids

Make a Pop Up Puppet

Total Time Needed: 1-2 Hours


  • Tights without heels
  • 12-inch length of 1/2 inch dowel
  • Tacky glue
  • 1 1/2 inch diameter woodem doll head or bead with 1/2 inch hole
  • 1 liter plastic soda bottle
  • Glue dot
  • Rickrack
  • Black and tan felt
  • Clothespins
  • Buttons
  • Yarn
  • Permanent markers
  • Pop Up Puppet template


  1. Cut one leg from the tights, 7 inches up from the toe. Insert the dowel into the leg. Squeeze a generous amount of tacky glue into the wooden head and insert the tights-covered dowel. Let it dry.
  2. Cut the top 6 inches from the plastic bottle and discard the bottom. Slide the dowel inside the bottle. Place four glue dots around the bottle's edge and stretch the tights fabric over them, pressing to hold the fabric in place.
  3. Add more glue dots around the bottle edge to secure the fabric. Use glue dots to cover the edge with rickrack.
  4. Use the templates to cut two shirt and two hand shapes from the felt. Sandwich the tights between the shirt pieces. Run tacky glue along the edge of one shirt piece, adding the hands as you go. Keep the bottom seam clear. Clamp the pieces together with clothespins until the glue sets. To embellish the shirt, attach rickrack and buttons with glue.
  5. For hair, wrap yarn around three fingers to create a small hank. Tie a length of yarn around the loops, then cut the loops apart at a point opposite the tie.
  6. Glue the yarn hair to the top of the head. Trim the yarn into bangs and secure them to the head with glue. Draw a face with permanent markers.


Using tights without shaped heels gives you a straight tube of material to work with. We found our size 4-6X pair at Target.