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Lace-y Valentine | All Valentine's Day Crafts

Lace-y Valentine

Your preschooler can say, "I'm sew glad we're friends!" with a card that doubles as a sweet lacing toy for your child's valentine.


  • paper
  • tempera paint
  • glue
  • cardboard
  • scissors (an adult's job)
  • hole punch
  • tape
  • shoelace


1. Have your child use tempera paint to decorate a piece of paper. Let the paint dry, then glue the paper to a piece of thin cardboard (we used a recycled cereal box).

2. Cut out a heart shape (ours is about 6 by 7 inches), adding more glue to seal the edge, if needed.

Lace-y Valentine step 3

3. Help your tot use a hole punch to make openings around the heart as shown. Write a message on the back, tape on a shoelace (you can knot one end and start the lacing so that the recipient gets the idea) and prepare to win hearts.